is an emerging hip-hop artist hailing from Miami, Florida(born in Bogotá, Colombia) who spits classic, syllable-blendinghip-hop over sharp, progressive beats. BOGART’s musicshowcases densely-layered lyricism with a striking electronicedge. His forthcoming debut, Night in Mind, examines themes oftemptation, apathy, and self-destruction, with each songrepresenting a different hour of the night. His most recent singlefrom the project “float” dropped on August 31, 2018 and the artistteases with more music soon to follow.
Written by Alejandro Reyes Romero andJuan Pablo Vega.Released – 2018.
Written by Alejandro Reyes and Juan Pablo Vega.Released in 2018.
FloatFloatI hit the beat and then I floatFloatFloatI hit the beat and then I floatFloat over the beatSmoke coating my throatThese bitches have got me trippingNobody showed me the ropesNo one told me to speakChosen to hold these beats in my handLet poetry creep from the coldest of weeksFolding in two, affected by the hoes and deceitWhat happened to rap, man? This sound likecoasting to meMiddle finger to the chosen elite, I leak the fireshitConscience, ain’t no sign of it, iris blind from thefiner thingsHigh-rises, crutches in capsules I crush likevitaminsFussing, fuck it, I’ll buy it thenWrestle with decisions like gripping a damnleviathanEasy to die trying and I am in,New cities, affected by my environmentsI line ‘em up like we eyeing witnessesYeah, I know the status quo and all, but I amresisting itLost my innocence young, there was no Christ inmy christeningOnly ice, couple blunts, and a jacuzzi to rip ‘em inThoughts I gather privately, my studiowhisperingsI’ve been cleaning my soul again, using Lucy andListerineWomen, still bewitch ‘em with the voodoo ofmissing meAnd life’s still a peculiar mystery, who could fuckwith meFloatin’
Who could fuck with me floating?Who could fuck with me floating?Who could fuck with me floating?Who could fuck with me floatingWho could fuck with me?Floatin’ shit, I got golden wristsI write only hitsIf you aim at kings, don’t you miss, noYou gon’ have to riddle me with bullets like azombieEnd up with a little me, I’m not so good withcondomsAccording to my boy, I’d write more potent in aHondaSomething bout the Benzo got me slowing downthe phonicsMaybe it’s the silver finishFlossing just enough to thrill the dentist, I got illincentivesBut my life creating distance from the pen, it’sHard to sit and write about it, shit isoverwhelmingI hold dominion, I don’t got millions, but I meant itWhen I said I’m courting rap without a lyricco-defendantGenius annotations over every single sentencePlate of fresh ceviche, and the vino come fromVenicePlus a pre-roll from the doctor got me lit forArmageddonThese are a few, of my favorite things, I like tofloat
Float · BOGART · Alejandro Reyes Romero · Juan Pablo VegaFloat℗ Art House RecordsReleased on: 2018-08-20Auto-generated by YouTube.

BOGART - Float

His most recent single from the project “float” dropped and the artist teases with more music soon to follow.

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