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editor's letter -->
Lets enjoy the process ofdesigning spaces with our kids!Kids are born with mastermindsand we are just so lucky to takea dip into their universe of freshthoughts and emotions. Letslearn from them, hear fromthem so they can help us bringdesign back to fun !Our mission is to get to know thepersonalities of our little clients.Together we will design theirspaces to be a reflection of theirown dreams, as well as afunctional room according totheir own routines and interests.Lets work with them to createspaces that will be enjoyable,fun, comfortable, safe andthrough design stimulate theirgrowing personalities andlearning process. -->
OK lets talk color! -->
Color is one of our favorite topics because it is everywhere! Even when we closeour eyes!it is very magical how we have different ways to experience it and feel it. It hasthe super ability to play with our mood and our behavior and that is why welove exploring them. -->
FUN FACT: Greece and other ancientcivilizations, white was associatedwith mother's milk. In Greekmythology Zeus was nourished at thebreast of Amalthea. -->
Color white is a mute color which meansit is not bright . it represents purity orinnocense in western civilizations andmourning in eastern civilizations. We lovewhite because it gives a sense of openspace and greatness. Although whenusing it in a kids room, do it smart, toomuch white can be tiring to our little one'seyes. -->
Another famous mute color. There's a big misconception with bringingcolor black into our spaces because of it's darkness and association withmaking rooms seem smaller . BUT did you know, black not only isconsidered powerful, but also it is able to attract and expand yourcreativity? yes! despite its bad reputation of being the color of fear,mourning (in western cultures), anger and aggression, color black couldcontribute with expanding our little one's creativity.... so perhaps ablackboard on a wall?? -->
FUN FACT: Color black is not considered a color, it is considered theabsorption of all colors! -->
FUN FACT: Did you know that color pink was used to paint some jail cells in many countries?uh huh; and The reason was, that it was believed color pink would help tranquilize feelingsof anger and produce calming effects on prisoners. -->
PINK -->
It is our third warm color. It is considered warm, because is in the red fam! color pink eventhough is in the red hue, is considered a calming color. Color Pink is our little girls winner fora while! Maybe the main reason why it is associated with softness, youth, kindness,femininity and good health. -->
BLUE -->
Color Blue is a cool color. Which by theway, is associated with the cold iceand snow. Color blue, calls to serenityand calmness it has also beendescribed as secure. Blue, togetherwith all it’s different hues is the mostpreferred color and probably 70% ofthat preference comes from our littleboys!FUN FACT: Do you know where theexpression of "feeling blue", meaning“being sad “comes from? apparently,Greek mythology associated it with therain. So whenever Zeus was concernedor angry he would create a storm andwhen sad, he would make it rain.Therefore, the connection color vsfeelingOne more... Did you know people aremore productive when in a blueroom??lets paint some blue walls in our kidsstudy rooms !! -->
Also a cool one. Color green isthe big representor of nature andgrowth. Color Psychologybelieves the Color green helpsimprove reading andcomprehension skills as well asconcentration in our little ones. Italso helps to calm them andmotivate them. Which is why, it isone of our big faves!FUN FACT: Color green is thesecond most popular favoritecolor after blue. It is consideredthe color of peace and the colorof love by Greek goddess Venus. -->
Thinking of designing a room for the youngest of the house? Let'smake them feel special, designing a room that works for them!Their rooms are their first personal interior space, where they will bespending precious play, study and rest time. Here are 5 tips to consider for the creation of that extra fun andcomfortable room: -->
1. Use furniture thatcan serve morethan one purpose. -->
Kids are multitaskers and oftenchange their activities prettyquickly. Don’t overwhelm themand yourself by getting multiplepieces of unnecessary furniture.Less is more ; and they needspace to play! Use furniture thatwill help them utilize their spacesto the max like Storage bins thatserve as desks, beds withdrawers, chairs with storage etc.Tip number one, calls for oursecond tip: -->
2. Encourage easyclean-ups. -->
Clean -up time shouldn’t be aheadache for everyone aroundthe house. Play it smart by usingbaskets, different color bins,labels to separate toys. Havethem have a home for everything,therefore it's easy for them toclean up. -->
Another important pointer.Clothing Hanging rods, hooks,baskets and such, should beplaced at a reachable heightfor them. If you don’t want tosee clothes, pictures, books,shoes, backpacks, all over theplace; remember to placetheir storage spaces wherethey can be reached for yourlittle one. -->
3. Consider theirheight. -->
4. Create small activityareas for them to enjoytheir rooms. -->
After you and your kiddo havedecided on the concept of the space,create little areas that inspire them.Perhaps a cozy reading nook, artcenters , study or play areas. Makesure to plan these areas with naturallight if possible. Use those wallscreatively with shelves, cork or theirown pictures and drawings for visualencouragement. -->
5. Last but not least:color ! -->
If Our little ones are not afraid of color,why should we? Listen to them and tryto visualize and translate theirthoughts into their rooms. I am sure atthe end you will make them happywith a space they love and enjoy.After all, that is our purpose. Design aspace that they will alwaysremember as a fun time😊 -->
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