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Alessia Cara is a pop music singer-songwriter. She has sold more than 11million records in the United States and more than 285,000 in Canada sincedebuting in 2015. She is perhaps best known for her songs “Here” and “Scarsto Your Beautiful.” She was named the Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the2016 Juno Awards and the Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Herdebut album Know-It-All (2015) won the 2017 Juno Award for Pop Album ofthe Year. Her album The Pains of Growing (2018) earned her 2020 JunoAwards for Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year and Songwriter of theYear. Cara has also won a SOCAN Award, two MTV Video Music Awards andthree Canadian Radio Music Awards. -->
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Leading a new generation of South African hip-hop,Blxckie maintains his prolific output by incorporating rapand R&B vocals. The fast-rising rapper from Durban,South Africa, is renowned for layering his calming,melodic voice over a wide range of tracks to createcreative, brand-new sounds.In addition to SA’s best, the youthful, gifted, andwell-known South African rapper has continuously issuedhit after hit while maintaining a cult-like fan following thathas fueled the rapid rise of both his music and hisreputation. -->
While writing about her frustrating experiences as a youngwoman finding her voice and identity while navigating anever changing world, Deanna Petcoff explores the ins andouts of love and heartbreak. Her rich, deep, textured voicejuxtaposes her soft imagery and vulnerable, honest lyrics,welcoming us into a world where even a fleeting moment ofemotion can become its own monument, and where gentleguitars can navigate otherwise messy waters.Playing her own unique brand of beautiful and confessionalindie rock, Petcoff grew up worshipping the music of DavidBowie and Patti Smith. -->
After getting started in the Toronto club scene, Fade Awaays began their careerrelentlessly gigging throughout the city and beyond. Setting out on multiple toursacross Ontario and Eastern Canada, all while finishing high school and completingmusic college. With experience under their belts and the looming threat of theCovid-19 pandemic, Fade Awaays found themselves transferring their live energy intonew music. 2020 hosted a year of demoing for the band, spending time in DIY studios,and experimenting with new sounds. In 2021, Fade Awaays have doubled down onnew music and released a new 4-song EP titled, “THESE VISIONS.” -->
Canadian singer and songwriter. Born in Toronto,Ontario, she began performing as a teenager, duringwhich time she received and refused an offer fromJive Records for a recording contract. Dobson signedwith Island/Def Jam soon after and released herself-titled debut album (2003), which saw the successof the singles "Bye Bye Boyfriend" and "Don't Go (Girlsand Boys)" on the Canadian Hot 100 chart and forwhich she received two Juno Award nominations. -->
Toronto-born rapper, known for herunique style and sound gaining onlinebuzz with her tracks "Levitate Me" and"Cash Only", featured on one ofToronto's most followed accounts,6ixbuzz. -->
Grace Kinstler is a 21 year old award winningSinger/Songwriter based in Los Angeles. After placing 2ndRunner Up on this past season of American Idol Gracebegan her journey as a professional artist, having been hiredto perform all across the country at various festivals andevents including Miss America New York, the grand openingof the Sable Hotel at Navy pier in Chicago, and numerousChicago Bulls, White Sox and Kansas City Chiefs games.She has released 2 EP’s on all streaming platforms and willbe releasing more original music in 2023. -->
Canadian producer signed with InternetMoney Records that has produced forglobal artists such as Lil Uzi Vert. -->
Rising rock sensation James Barre is a study incontrasts: a youthful countenance offset by startlingwisdom and gravitas; a knack for cheeky earwormsand also earnest collaborations with 5eavy hitters likeSam Farrar of Maroon 5. The son of a dancer, theCalifornia native found his stage legs early via musicaltheater. But James’ current stock-in-trade is imbuingtraditional singer/songwriter elements into what isunmistakably pop. James has collaborated with Maroon 5’s Farrar and theGrammy-nominated boardsmith Rykeyz (Ne-Yo, WizKhalifa, Cody Simpson) to cook up “This Means War,” aslithering, irrepressible funkfest. James has alsorecorded with Nick Bailey, an accomplished producerand songwriter (Maroon 5, Blake Shelton) signed to Dr.Luke’s Prescription Music Company. “I’m mostcomfortable playing live.” James posits. “Because youcan see what everyone’s thinking. I want the audienceto listen to something and immediately connect toit—because I’m connected to music.” -->
Julio Reyes Copello is a Colombian producer,songwriter and record engineer. Throughout his careerhe has worked with various artists such as JenniferLópez, Marc Anthony, Thalía, Chayanne, Kany García,Alejandro Sanz, Paula Arenas, Laura Pausini and PabloAlborán, among others, as well as receiving fourGrammy Awards and seven Latin Grammy Awards.In 2013, Copello founded the recording studio and labelArtHouse Records in Miami, producing albums byseveral artists such as Paula Arenas, Julio Pablo Vega,Mariana Vega and Brika, among others. Ever since hisfirst nomination in 2003, Copello has won seven LatinGrammy Awards out of over thirty nominations, elevenAlbum of the Year nominations, twelve Record of theYear nominations and four Producer of the Yearnominations. Many albums produced by Copello havebeen highly successful, with Jennifer López's ComoAma una Mujer, Chayanne's No Hay Imposibles,Alejandro Sanz's La Música No Se Toca and RickyMartin's A Quien Quiera Escuchar peaking at numberone on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. -->
Informed by everything from African stylings to hip-hop, pop, and evenmetal, Zambia-born and Winnipeg-raised singer, songwriter, and artistLAVI$H has quietly grinded towards a monumental introduction withchampions in his corner such as Chubbs from OVO, Def Jam Recordings,and Drake. As a kid, he emigrated from Central Africa to Winnipeg with hisparents and six siblings in search of opportunity. Beyond adapting to theclimate shock, he quickly gravitated towards music across the spectrum ofgenres. However, it would be Drake's "Headlines" that inspired him topursue music. Soon, he transformed the family soundbar into a D.I.Y.studio monitor, cutting tracks on the computer with headset mics. Heuploaded music online at a prolific pace and eventually landed on the radarof Chubbs from OVO. Chubbs heard LAVI$H's music and played it for histeam. Before long, LAVI$H had decamped to Los Angeles, where he beganrecording at one of Drake's L.A. studio houses. While honing his sound,LAVI$H developed his vision as an entrepreneur, building his CLUBBLVDbrand in Toronto with Michael "Trizz" Williams and Christopher "Criti" Jack.Now, LAVI$H formally arrives with his anxiously awaited debut single"World In My Hands," a fusion of icy cinematic production and skyscrapingvocal dynamics. It's most definitely LAVI$H's moment, and you're welcomealong for the ride. -->
LAVI$H -->
The product of friendship between Gray Hawken and Curtis Smith, Locals OnlySound, was forged over a common interest in music, visual arts and skateboardculture. Inspired by the staples of R&B and Soul music coupled with electronicmusic influences Hawken and Smith are writing, recording and releasing musicthat is simultaneously distinct and accessible. The duo's first mixtape titled Opus1 was released in November 2018. Hawken and Smith's collaborative process ontheir EP led to the creation of a Toronto based production company under thesame name. Locals Only Sound offers a space for emerging artists access toresources, guidance and creative sounding boards. -->
“I think I’m going to be one of the biggest artists in theworld,” confidently says Malachi. To hear him tell it, acareer in music was always in the stars for the21-year-old artist from Toronto’s outskirts, Whitby,Ontario. Malachi’s relationship to music and its manysounds and forms runs deep. Witnessing his father’scareer as a Trinidadian Reggae singer, Malachi grew upsinging in his grandmother’s gospel choir at church fromage 4, and absorbed the sounds of his mother’s favoriteR&B artists like Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child. -->
Mute Choir is the moniker of Producer/Songwriter Sam Arion. MuteChoir’s debut album “Silent Conversations” was released in February2020. Born in Iran and raised in suburban/rural Ontario; Arion sings introverted,psychological songs that read like the inner monologue of an anxiousmind suspicious of it’s own motives. Musically, Arion seamlessly strings together a genre-bending mix ofsounds for no one to see coming. Ranging from psychedelic electro-funk,to rock, and avant garde, to hip hop, folk and pop, Mute Choir is not fondof fitting into any pre-prescribed boxes or glass ceilings. -->
Multi-talented musician and songwriter Nelly Furtado has billionsof global streams and has sold millions of records worldwide. Shehas sold out arenas across the globe, received numerous awardsincluding multiple Grammy wins and seven nominations, wildlybecoming one of the most highly respected entertainers in thebusiness world. Three of Furtado’s previous solo albums (Loose, Whoa Nelly andFolklore) have received various platinum or multi-platinumcertifications worldwide. In the US, Furtado has received three #1songs on the Billboard Hot 100 with five in the top ten as well asgarnered over 2 billion in total video views. After the meteoricsuccess of her first three albums, the 2000’s continued to be a busyperiod for Furtado as she embraced her cultural roots, releasing herfirst Spanish language album, Mi Plan in 2009, which charted at #1on US Latin Billboard chart and for which she was recognized witha Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal. 2012’s The SpiritIndestructible followed soon after producing the dance hit, BigHoops (The Bigger the Better), and most recently fans embraced2017’s alt indie sixth album, The Ride. Furtado has been busyrecording in the studio and her millions of fans are eagerly awaitingnew music expected to release in 2023. -->
Singer and songwriter who first rose to fame as one halfof the R&B and reggae duo Brick and Lace with her sisterNyla. She has since released her debut solo EP 'SlipperyWhen Wet' and written hit singles for artists like ChristinaAguilera and Nicole Scherzinger. -->
His talents have led to appearances throughoutSoutheast Asia, India, North America, Australia, theCaribbean and Latin America, and include features onThe Today Show, Good Morning America, SupermarketStakeout, Wall of Chefs, Fire Masters, Top Chef Canada,Iron Chef, Sway In The Morning, Guy’s Grocery Gamesand Chopped as a guest judge as well as winning thespecial All-Star Chopped celebrity chef episode.Outside of the kitchen, this Juno award-winningrecording artist has released albums and performed onstage for the last two decades. Roger’s mantra, ‘foodfeeds the body, music feeds the soul.’ -->
Ryland James knows exactly where he should be. On theedge of the stage, under the spotlight, and behind amicrophone, the Ontario-born singer and songwriter thrives.In this space, the artist’s voice rings out with a bold balanceof passion, panache, and power, coursing through everythingfrom the verses to the vibrato. His fusion of gospel roots,gritty soul, and anthemic pop resounds straight from theheart in the most direct manner imaginable.“I love to stand at the front of the stage and just sing,” heexclaims. “There are no bells or whistles about it. It’s simplein that respect; I love being a singer. I want to continue todevelop my voice as it really defines my artistry at the core.” -->
Sergio George is an American pianist, arranger, and recordproducer, known for working with many famous performersof salsa music, although he has worked in other genres ofthe music industry as well. He has worked with some of Latinmusic's most popular artists starting with Marc Anthony,DLG, Jennifer Lopez, Tito Nieves, Víctor Manuelle, FrankieNegrón, Johnny Rivera, Ray Sepúlveda, Tito Puente, Thalia,Orquesta de la Luz, Ivy Queen, Celia Cruz, La India, JerryRivera, Bacilos, Leslie Grace, Toby Love, Cheo Feliciano,Prince Royce, Liz Elias, Indy Flow, among others. -->
Sofia Camara builds her songs with anarchitect’s vision. Approaching universalthemes like infatuation and heartache,loss and self-discovery Sofia Camarafinds the sweet spot of post-adolescentcuriosity, blended with a self-aware maturitywise beyond her years. A mix of theundeniable power of soaring alt-rock, thepotency of heartsleeve ballads, and bouncyelectropop, she’s an open book and,courageously, a work in progress. -->
Tamia’s beautifully crafted sound is a reflection of hermany inspirations and her innate ability to master genresfrom R&B and neo soul, to gospel, jazz and hip hop soul.“After 20 years I continue to be inspired by the places Ivisit and the people I meet, which allows me to include apiece of my experiences in the art I create.”After signing with Def Jam Recordings in the summer of2014, Tamia immediately began working on her sixthstudio album collaborating with an impressive list ofhitmakers. The sultry vocal stylings sift perfectly into theR&B melodies of production offered by some of the mostnotable producers in the music industry.Tamia’s sixth studio project, Love Life (2015) is herhighest charting album to date, reaching #1 on theBillboard R&B chart. -->
Living up to his moniker, Jamaica-born and Miami-basedartist, producer, and DJ The Kemistartfully fuseselements of reggae, dancehall, electronic, trap, and popmusic into a catchy and combustible concoction of hisown. Within three years, he quietly emerged as aninternational phenomenon, racking up nearly 30 millionstreams and attracting support from the likes of Diplo,Hardwell, Carnage, and Major Lazer, and more by 2018. -->
Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, the trio of sisters - Daniela "Dany“ (vocals,guitars, piano), Paulina "Pau" (drums, vocals, piano) and Alejandra "Ale"Villarreal (bass, piano, backing vocals) - erupt with mind-blowing riffs,unpredictable, stadium-filling rhythms and infectious vocals. After explodingonline with viral moment after viral moment, The Warning have used thatmomentum for a series of independent releases, including the Escape theMind EP [2015], XXI Century Blood [2017] and Queen of the Murder Scene[2018]. After quietly amassing over 120 million YouTube views and 10 millionstreams, they have already burst into the limelight of the hard rock world withtheir debut single "CHOKE" on LAVA Records in 2021, which reached over 1million streams upon its release, followed by three more singles and acollabaration with Alessia Cara for Metallica’s "The Metallica Blacklist“album. According to worldwide media:"The Warning infuse rock music with a much-needed shot of adrenaline“. -->
Tyler Shaw is a multi-Platinum-selling artist, producer, and actor. TheChinese-Canadian, originally from Vancouver, BC, released his hit song "KissGoodnight"in 2012, quickly hitting Platinum sales. In 2014, Tyler earned a JUNOAwardnomination for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year` and released certified Platinumtrack "House of Cards" and Gold "Wicked" from his 2015 debut album Yesterday. Fromhis 2018 sophomore album, Intuition, Tyler`s first single "Cautious" reached Top 10 atCanadian radio and is now Gold. The breakout hit "With You," reached Double Platinumstatus and the sentimental mid-temp ballad "To the Man Who Let Her Go" also wentPlatinum. These accolades earned him a 2019 JUNO Award nomination for ‘Pop Albumof the Year.` Shaw has opened for massive international artists, including Shawn Mendes andAlessia Cara, and toured with Selena Gomez. In 2021, Tyler spearheaded (with FefeDobson) the collective artist initiative ArtistsCAN to raise funds for COVID-19 relief inCanada. The pair gathered other musicians from across the country, including JustinBieber, Michael Bublé and Marie-Mai, to cover the classic single "Lean On Me," withproceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross COVID relief fund. Tyler`s third studioalbum, the eponymous Tyler Shaw, was released August 20, 2021 and features the hitsummer anthem "Remember," the romantic ballad "When You`re Home," and top 10 hitpop single "I See You." Most recently, Tyler released his viral rendition of GAYLE`s No. 1hit "abcdefu." "Love You Still" (abcdefu Romantic Version), started as a TikTok duet inlate January. It reacted instantly with his fans. To date there are over 2.5 billion views ofvideos using the song on TikTok over 10 million views of user generated content videoson YouTube 14.5 million streams and more than 500,000 videos created using thesong. -->